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BeSafe Folding Gate

BeSafe Folding Gate

BeSafe HGK 2812 Double-folding Rapid Access Door;
It is a product that provides a high level of security against unauthorized vehicles and pedestrian access by being designed and produced with domestic and national resources. It is an excellent solution that can be easily used in different sectors with its fast opening and closing feature in places with high traffic density.

It provides a high level of security with its durable design and high manufacturing quality.

It is ideal for places with limited space and has a fast opening and closing feature.
It can be fully integrated with all access control systems.

  • •  The bi-folding Rapid Access Door is a fast, effective security door ideal for locations with limited space.
    It can be supplied in standard sizes from 4 meters to 12 meters, in increments of one meter, or in intermediate sizes required by the application.
      •   It can be produced with different colors, heights and wing structures depending on customer requests. In this way, it provides the opportunity to adapt to the architectural design of your facility.

  • • BeSafe HGK 2812 can be integrated with access control systems such as license plate recognition (ANPR), UHF card reader, and is also suitable for manual operation. It provides the opportunity to comply with your holistic security concept.
    • In parallel with the requirements of the application, controlled entry - controlled exit, controlled entry free exit, free entry - controlled exit, free entry free exit scenarios can be programmed. It provides the possibility to configure in accordance with the operating logic of your facility.