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Empowering people, businesses and communities with data-driven video technology
We deliver actionable insights from video data through the perfect combination of your cameras and sensors and our open platform software and analytics – always with a responsible mindset and people first approach.

Milestone XProtect is an open platform video management software. This software helps organizations meet their security and surveillance needs by combining many different cameras and other video sources.

Milestone XProtect is software with different versions for different application areas. For example, there is a version designed for a small store or office, but there is also a more comprehensive version designed for use in a larger corporate environment.



XProtect offers many features that make it easy for users to stream, record and manage the video streams they want to watch. For example, features such as motion detection, camera switching, video analysis and reporting allow users to work more efficiently.

Also, XProtect is an open platform that can integrate with many different devices and systems. This means users can combine video data from different devices and systems in one place.

All in all, Milestone XProtect is a powerful video management software that makes it easy for users to collect, monitor and manage data from various video sources.


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