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Nedap develops and supplies technologies in the fields of human and vehicle identification, access control systems, farm automation, Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems for loss prevention and stock management, and software for management, healthcare and flexible working.

Whatever you expect from access control, AEOS is designed to deliver. And as your needs and circumstances change, so does AEOS. It is the basis of any physical access control anywhere.
Like all of our products, we develop AEOS in-house at our company headquarters in the Netherlands and have a software team that is constantly working on improving it. By investing in this continuous research and development, we ensure that AEOS always provides you with relevant, up-to-date and inexhaustible access control.

AEOS Blue door controller

Managed Doors

The AEOS Blue controller was designed to be robust and durable. Each controller connects a part of your building to the AEOS access control system by connecting existing locks, sensors and alarms to it. Each controller operates both autonomously and online in a secure network to guarantee security in any situation.


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