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BioAffix® is a Biometric Authentication Product Family developed by OnesTechnology. It is a high-security biometric-based hardware and software platform developed for authorizing, monitoring and managing access to hardware and software resources in institutions and organizations.

BioAffix is ​​a flexible, modular, continuously developing authentication solution infrastructure that will meet the security demands and needs of institutions and organizations in a single infrastructure, on a single system. BioAffix Authentication System (BKDS); It is an integrated hardware and software platform that provides access, authorization, monitoring and management of the physical, logical, document, data and printer output security needs of medium and large-sized institutions and organizations under a single roof at the highest security level.

 BioAffix solution family, biometric and card turnstiles, door access control devices, data center cabinet security and biometric and card-based secure output system and biometric Windows logon and applogon software solutions will also be featured at the fair.

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