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Hikvision is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of security products and solutions. With a comprehensive and highly skilled R&D workforce, Hikvision produces a comprehensive package of products and solutions for a wide range of vertical markets.

From video security to AIoT-supported applications, the projects have comprehensive end-to-end capabilities for different customers and sectors, opening doors to new business opportunities, optimized operations, and future-ready processes.

Hikvision's Channel Partner Program is specially designed for distributors, resellers, system integrators, and installers around the world to promote products and solutions and grow businesses together.


Hikvision Thermal Cameras, which include security, thermal binoculars, thermography, and commercial vision, guarantee layered situational awareness. With deep learning capabilities, they separate people and vehicles from other objects at almost any distance, in almost any lighting or weather conditions.

Vehicles face serious security issues that require video surveillance mounted on the vehicle to ensure security. Governments and industry associations are issuing regulations that require mobile surveillance on commercial vehicles, school buses, engineering vans, and more.


Hikvision offers comprehensive solutions from hardware to software, from displays to video management, to achieve immersive display. Multi-channel video management, real-time panel display, and responsive alarm pop-up windows are included.


Hikrobot is a global product and solution provider specializing in artificial vision and mobile robots. It is establishing an open collaboration ecosystem focusing on IoT, smart logistics, and smart manufacturing, serving industrial and logistics customers, and committing to constantly promote intelligence and lead the smart manufacturing process.

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